This site is a compilation of Internet content and tools, which will allow you to master the English language in the same way that you master your native language.
You should install Praat.

There is no other way to learn it than by speaking it.
And with the button in most of the exercises. You can study the word or expression until you master it. Using the Chrome browser and clicking on , another page is presented in which you hear the sound and in the center it is presented , press on the three vertical points on the right and save it where you can easily access it. Open it with Praat, y and study it, record it ... until you consider that you already master it.

Because pretend to find logic in the writing combinations could be frustrating. Since neither the native people agree on the pronunciations. I suggest you record your pronunciation until you get the same figure, that is, produce it with the same duration and the frequency and intensity are the same. However, the most important thing is that you decide when you already pronounce it correctly.

WARNING. They do not pronounce as you are used to, they reduce the vowels, they put words together, and the system of representation of their sounds is inaccurate

Accustomed to express yourself and understand what they say and you say, you certainly do not want to say or understand one thing for another.

They divide syllables differently.

There is a website that allows you to listen to the sounds of the English language in context. And you must learn to use it.

You must completely master the sounds that your native language does not include.
That is, produce them and distinguish them as if they were from your language.

You must learn to produce sounds like the natives.

You should learn to recognize the places they emphasize and the way they do it.

You must also increase your vocabulary.

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