Introduction to Linguistics (LING 001)

University of Pennsylvania
Summer Session I, 2004

Instructor: Sophia A. Malamud

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule
Homework assignments and class notes are linked to the class schedule.
Course Description

Ling 001 is a general introduction to the nature, history, and use of human language, speech, and writing. It is appropriate for any Penn undergraduate interested in language or its use. Topics include:

The course has no prerequisites, and satisfies the General Requirement in Living World (Sector V). Although intended for a general audience, Ling 001 is also recommended as an introduction for students who plan to major in linguistics.


 First meeting of the class is Wednesday, May 19 10am-1:10pm

 Meetings are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:50am till 1:00pm, starting Tuesday, May 25th.

 All classes will meet in Room 321, in Williams Hall.

Contact Information

Instructor Sophia A. Malamud
Phone 917-837-9355
Office Hours Location Graduate Student Center
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:10-2:10 pm OR
e-mail for appointment



There is one required text, available at the Penn Bookstore (at the corner of 36th and Walnut Streets).

From time to time, additional readings will be distributed in class.

Class notes are also required readings. The notes are posted on this website.


In addition to doing the readings and attending class, students will be expected to complete three kinds of assignments for which they will be graded.


There will be four short homework assignments, handed out once a week and due on the following meeting at the beginning of class. They will be graded on a scale of 0-10.


A take-home midterm exam will be given out in lieu of a homework assignment mid-semester.


A comprehensive take-home final exam will cover material from the entire course, but with more emphasis on the second half of the course not covered in the mid-term. It will be distributed in the last week of classes, and due by 5pm (5:30pm if submitted electronically) on Thursday, June 24.

Attendance and Participation

Class attendance will be taken, and is mandatory for passing this course. Please be on time - lateness is disruptive to your own and others' learning, and will result in grade penalties. While the class meetings will mainly take the form of lectures, a certain amount of discussion will be helpful, and students will be expected to attend and take an active role.


The final grade for the course will be determined according to the following weights:

Homework assignments 50%  
Midterm 20%  
Final exam 20%  
Attendance and Participation 10%  

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    Ling 001 Lecture 1 Introduction to Language and Linguistics
    Ling 001 Lecture 1 Introduction to Language and LinguisticsHW
    Ling 001 Lecture 2 Phonetics-Phonology
    Ling 001 Lecture 3 Morphology
    Ling 001 Lecture 4 Syntax
    Ling 001 Lecture 5 Semantics
    Ling 001 Lecture 5 SemanticsPragmatics
    Ling 001 Lecture 7 Historical Linguistics and Linguistic Typology
    Ling 001 Lecture 8 Sociolinguistics
    Ling 001 Lecture 9 Learning language_ animal communication and language evolution
    Ling 001 Lecture 10 Language processing and language in the brain
    Ling 001 Lecture 11 Writing language and sign language_ Language and thought
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    Ling 001 - Homework 3
    Ling 001 - Homework 4
    LING 001 Midterm
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