This site is primarily aimed at people who have decided to learn another language, based on:

  1. You speak a language. And you have everything you need to learn any other language.
  2. You have a noise-producing device that, if you were born in any other place, you would be speaking the language or languages of that place.
  3. If at this moment a person who speaks your language asks you to say any word, you will not have any difficulty in producing it. This is because they do not have different sounds than yours and their way of producing them is according to the way you are used to listening to them.
  4. Using a medium of your time, the computer, you will learn to distinguish and produce the sounds of the language that you have decided to learn.
  5. You will become aware of the way in which the people who speak the language you chose to learn produce the sounds.
  6. But there is always a but. The only one who can learn it is you.

Watch this:   [ɮ]. Do you see: IPA lezh.PNG between square brackets?

In order for the symbols used to represent the sounds on this site to appear correctly, you must have installed a Unicode type that includes the IPA symbols. You can download it from (Doulos SIL, Charis SIL, Gentium — a typeface for the nations)